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Replacing the bearings in an AEG lavamat washing machine

We have had an AEG Lavamat washing machine for 9 years and it's given very good service, probably running on average, a wash load a day for a family of four, including two teenage boys.

I'd started to notice that the spin was gradually getting louder , and recently some extra random bangs and knocks were introduced into the cacophony. It looked as if the main bearings were worn out, which was confirmed by some play in the drum when pushed up.
I maintained an old Servis washing machine which we had before the AEG, and it was forever breaking down with either clogged filter (nicely placed underneath the machine for zero accessibility) or the brushes wore out in the motor. I had arrived at the opinion that a washing machines bearings were the equivalent of a cars "big end" i.e. something that when it goes is considered terminal and I had no experience of replacing them. But I decided it was worth it as a new set cost around £20 and the machine should go on for some …