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A Dalek at the bottom of the garden

I emptied out one of our compost bins, and at the same time took delivery of a couple of old leaking water butts which I cut the bottoms off to use as compost bins. The bottom of the water butt and the LinPac composter just seemed to suggest one shape to me .. a DIY Dalek !

The eye is one of those old adjustable legs from a fitted kitchen cabinet carcass with a CD stuck on the end . Two brass cup hooks support the limbs - in this case a plastic compost 'spike' (Found in France - a handy device to push in and aerate the compost) and a tool for clearing a shredder, but any garden tools could do.

Shame no body makes an Official BBC Dr Who Dalek shaped garden compost bin

It's for the kids you understand .....

Update September 2009

this one constructed in the same way, except the waist section is an old washing machine drum, which I use as an occasional incinerator/ tree stump burner.

The original has moved and now has a motorcycle tyre adding some stability to it's head, and als…