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Replacing the brushes in an AEG lavamat 72620 washing machine

I'd recently noticed that clothes were often still rather wet when I took them out of the machine. This started around November, but lately the fast spin cycle has been accompanied by a crackling noise from somewhere inside, like sparking or arcing. I had similar symptoms with an old Servis washing machine, and it meant that the brushes were worn down to the brass spring-cups. Finally last Monday the machine failed it's cycle displaying a C9 error code.

I decided that it was worth replacing the brushes, and after a lot of searching (not all spares sites are easy to us) I got through to AEG/Electrolux spares department and ordered a new set (£16 per brush and you need 2 !). Today I'll fit them, using the approach taken in the companion blog on replacing bearings.


All went well. I :

1) disconnected the washing machine from the electricity, water & waste

2) emptied any water from inside via the filter hatch (lower front left hand side)

3) Put some old towels on the floo…