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Dyson DC14 side chamber

A new problem , the Dyson DC14 has a removable side section for clearing blockages. From its size I would guess it also can accommodate a filter on some models. Its held in by a plastic catch, attached to the main body of the motor housing. This side section dropped out recently while I was clearing the beater bar of entangled hairs. I popped it back but noticed the catch was gone - it had snapped off.

While the suction of the motor should hold this section in place when on, it does need something to pull it in line. I improvised with a couple of cable ties until I can see if there is a replacement part.

Update . I ordered and replaced the catch, its called a:

Dyson DC14 Motor Inlet Cover Catch 909235

It took a couple of goes as it appears that the shape of this catch has changed within the DC14 production run. There is a 909235-1 and a 909235-2 .

Mine had a longer earlier style catch  with a ribbed section, and was initially shipped the later part variant which was too short. I phone…