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Reducing the energy consumption of Sky+ HD recorder and Samsung LED TV

Common themes across most of my posts are energy conservation , its monitoring and technology. This post sort of combines all three in one.

We have a Sky+ satellite unit with integral hard disk recorder. In the UK this is known as a Sky+ box. The unit can be programmed to easily record programmes 24 hours per day and record complete series at a repeating time. It has lots of features, including OnDemand  services where a wide range of channels are recorded on the off chance you might want to watch them. My specific Model Sky + HD unit is made by Amstrad

We also have a 46" Samsung LED TV which is hooked up to the Sky+ unit .

I use a CurrentCost household energy monitor, which is hooked up to the internet via a unit called a netsmart, also from CurrentCost (see my other post on currentcost). I can see on a web page a graph of my household energy consumption in close to real time. A 3rd type of device from CurrentCost is the Individual Alliance Monitor (IAM) which is a unit which pl…