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Pioneer PL12D service - revisited

I'm delighted to receive messages from readers who have found my Pioneer PL12D blog of use. I recently received this article from a correspondent - Dirk Sipes, and wanted to share it. His approach is that of an engineer, rather than my amateur efforts, and there are some very interesting  details around things like bearing material and the nature of the suspension springs. He has also owned the deck for 40 years since new, which speaks volumes about both their quality and his care.

Here it is :

About me: Readers be aware that I have tried to use names for parts as they appear on the service schematics for the PL-12D that are available on, thus bushings referenced in the blog are what I call cushions, etc.Also, I have provided some locations where products that I used can be obtained.Those businesses do not even know I list them, and my use does not necessarily represent an endorsement, although I have found them to reputable.My thanks to Mr. Ives for helping me to …