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Bosch microwave oven with a rusty door

I'm ashamed to say that recently I noticed rust developing at the base of the microwave interior glass door panel, and the paint flaking. Cooking items like potatoes releases a lot of moisture , which probably should be wiped away immediately to avoid this, but when you are preparing a meal and everything you forget (or I do at least). The Microwave is a Bosch and has a face plate so it fits into a recess in our fitted kitchen.

I looked into replacing the door but Bosch do not supply this as a spare, not could I find a donor oven online. A whole new oven would be around £300, which seemed a lot for a problem that might be fixable. 
I read online about Rusty Microwave ovens, and advice ranged from "It'll be fine" through to " immediately remove the oven and place in a lead lined container at the bottom of the sea" type of response. Filtering the informed advice from the hysterical took a while. In the USA you can purchase Microwave oven paint, and while I c…