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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Replacing the brushes in an AEG lavamat 72620 washing machine

I'd recently noticed that clothes were often still rather wet when I took them out of the machine. This started around November, but lately the fast spin cycle has been accompanied by a crackling noise from somewhere inside, like sparking or arcing. I had similar symptoms with an old Servis washing machine, and it meant that the brushes were worn down to the brass spring-cups. Finally last Monday the machine failed it's cycle displaying a C9 error code.

I decided that it was worth replacing the brushes, and after a lot of searching (not all spares sites are easy to us) I got through to AEG/Electrolux spares department and ordered a new set (£16 per brush and you need 2 !). Today I'll fit them, using the approach taken in the companion blog on replacing bearings.


All went well. I :

1) disconnected the washing machine from the electricity, water & waste

2) emptied any water from inside via the filter hatch (lower front left hand side)

3) Put some old towels on the floor and pushed the washing machine over on it's front

4) removed the 5 screws holding the back panel on

5) removed the electrical connections to the motor (1 mains block and one earth spade connector)

6) loosened the 2 bolts holding the motor to the "spider" frame . Both 13mm.

7) Supported the motor with one hand , and removed the bolts with the other.

8) Took the motor out, removed the old brushes, held in with 2 Philips screws each

9) Cleaned the armature with some cotton wool buds and ethyl alcohol.

10) Fitted the new brushes. The old ones were completely worn away

11) Refitted the motor, used a metal bar to tension the motor against the drive belt while I tightened the bolts

12) Reconnected and tested

13) Worked Fine


K. Langstaff said...

Hello Mr. Ives,

Thank you so much for posting this repair. I used your steps to replace the carbon brushes on my AEG 74620.

I also found the instructions to clear the C9 error code. With cycle switch in "OFF", hold "Pre-wash" and Soaking" buttons in, and turn switch to "Short Spin". Wait for buttons to light up then switch back to "Off".

I also found that after clearing the code and replacing brushes, before re-starting the machine, to ADD about a litre of water through the soap dispenser to prime the water pump.

Thank you so much.
Ms. Langstaff from Canada!

Mr Ives said...

Thanks Ms Langstaff, glad it worked. many thanks for the switch sequence to reset the error. That is important information as the error code will persist after the repair has been made.

I also have another post on the AEG containing a link to an excellent site on replacing the bearings too - another thing that will fail with age.

pamwest said...

Thank you so very much for this posting its been a fantastic help can i ask one more question having changed the brushes i found a red edge pink middle ribbon wire unattached exiting from a plastic covered box bottom right any idea what should be connected to.

Mr Ives said...

Glad it was of help. The cable you mention, does the machine work without it i.e did you notice it while conducting this repair Or did it get disconnected as part of taking the motor out ?

Most cables have connectors which put fit into specific connections on the motor, heater etc.

I think if it were important, the machine would display an error message, the self diagnostics are pretty good. Is the offending wire close to the motor i.e is it possible it has become disconnected from there ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Langstaff,

My machine is also the same model and is reading the c9 on it I have reset the machine but I think it also has the same problems as your machine and I might have to replace the brushes but are you referring to the carbon brushes? Or something else? Please make me understand what type of brushes you mean so I am not buying the wrong type.... Thank you

Miss R. Jacobs

Mr Ives said...

I am pretty sure he means the carbon brushes from the main motor